How To Clean Eyeglasses

Knowing how to clean eyeglasses is an easy affair that does not have to be overly complicated.  There are a multitude of disposable eyeglass cleaning wipes on the market, lens cleaning chemicals and even professional services available.  Unless you are sporting antique frames, that stuff is completely unnecessary.  Most folks just want clean, smudge free eyeglasses and this is quite easy to achieve without spending a ton of money on useless products.  

To clean eyeglasses, all you need is:

  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Microfiber cloth, lens cleaning cloth, or both
  1. Easy wash.  To clean your eyeglasses, all you need to do is turn on your kitchen sink faucet.  When the water is warm, rinse your eyeglasses to remove any dust or debris.  Now put one drop of dishwashing liquid on your fingers and gently clean the lenses.  Dishwashing soap effortlessly removes any grease, oil or smudges on your lenses.  Now rinse the eyeglasses thoroughly to remove all the soap.     
  2. Easy dry.  To dry your eyeglasses without scratching the lens or leaving streaks, use the microfiber cloth.  These miracle wipes will remove all of the moisture and leave no traces of any fluff, fiber or dust.  When your eyeglasses are dry, polish the lenses with your lens cleaning cloth.
  3. The weasel.  Most malls have an eyeglass store or two in them.  These places sell frames, fill prescriptions and also have products dedicated to keeping your eyeglasses sparkling clean.  If you act interested, often times the salesperson will offer up a free demonstration and clean your eyeglasses for free.  
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