How to Clean a Football

Need to know how to clean a football? Cleaning a football after using it ensures that the football will last longer, and stay in better condition, without being covered in mud and dirt. Cleaning your football only takes a moment and uses only things you would normally have in your house anyway, and is well worth the small amount of effort.

To clean a football, you will need:

  • A football
  • Two dry  rags
  • A bowl of water
  • Soap
  1. Place the football on a surface that can get wet. This can be outside, in the sink, in the bathtub, just anywhere where the surface can get wet without being harmed will do.
  2. Dip the first rag into the bowl of water. Make sure the rag is nice and wet, but make sure to wring it out so water doesn't drip everywhere.
  3. Apply soap to the wet rag. Whether you are using a bar of soap, or liquid soap, it doesn't matter, just lightly apply it to the wet rag.
  4. Wipe down the football with the wet rag. Wipe down the entire football with the wet rag, make sure to remove any dirt or mud off it's surface.
  5. Dry the football with the dry rag. Never leave your football wet for long, make sure to immediately dry the football with dry rag after wiping it down.


  • Remember to only use soft soaps, like the ones used for your hands, or body. Harsh soaps, like bleach, can damage the football, or even your hands if you use really strong ones.
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