How To Clean Fuel Injectors Yourself

Spend a little time to save yourself some money by learning how to clean fuel injectors yourself. This is an important skill because paying a car repair place to clean your fuel injectors can be pricey. Fuel injectors become clogged when gasoline or debris builds up in the injectors and prevents them from properly functioning. Your fuel injectors should be cleaned about every 30,000 miles to keep your car running smoothly.

To clean fuel injectors yourself, you will need:

  • Your car
  • A Fuel injector cleaning kit
  1. The first step to cleaning your own fuel injectors is to plug the return line and disable the fuel tank or guide the fuel back into the tank through the use of a U-tube.
  2. Next, find the pressure regulator and disconnect it.
  3. Use the fuel injector cleaning kit by attaching it to the fuel port.
  4. Remove your vehicle's fuel cap. This step is extremely important because pressure can build up inside the fuel tank during cleaning. Removing the cap will avoid dangerous levels of pressure build up.
  5. Attempt to turn on your car. If the engine does not turn over, than proceed to the next step. If the engine does turn over, check to make sure you properly completed the beginning steps.
  6. Open the valve on the fuel injector cleaning kit to the pressure level appropriate for your vehicle.
  7. Run your engine until the solution has run through the vehicle and the engine has shut down.
  8. Next, reset the fuel pump switch and reattach the gas cap.
  9. Reconnect the pressure regulator and you have successfully cleaned fuel injectors yourself.
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