How To Clean A Fur Vintage Coat

Learning how to clean a vintage fur coat is really easy but sometimes is best left up to the professionals, but for those few that are daring enough to want to clean their vintage fur here is a handy how to guide on doing just that. The supplies needed to perform this task are dry cleaning solvent, saw dust or an abrasive to soak in the dirt and soil that comes from the fur, cold water, shampoo, plastic padded hanger, a spray bottle that has a nozzle on it, cloth bag, steam iron, and a handheld vacuum.  Now that you're armed with all these tools, get your vintage fur coat out and now your ready to get to cleaning. 

How to clean a fur vintage coat:

  1. If the coat happens to be wet, hang it up on the padded plastic hanger to allow it to dry.  For faster drying you can use a hair dryer set on low and a cold setting to keep from ruining the fur. 
  2. While the fur dries, soak your sawdust with the dry cleaning solvent. 
  3. With the sawdust that has been soaked in with dry cleaning solvent, begin to work it into the fur. This helps to remove the dirt and any possible soiled in areas on the coat.
  4. Take the hand vacuum and begin to vacuum out the sawdust out of your fur coat. 
  5. Put the coat on a hanger and use the steam iron to get the remaining dust out of the coat. 
  6. For the lining inside the vintage fur coat, hand clean it with a dry cleaning solution and use the steam iron to press out the lining. 

Now that you have learned to care for your no doubt beautiful vintage fur coat be careful in the way that you store it. These items can only increase in value and its so important that you maintain them in the fashion that they deserve.  Now if you were not able to do the cleaning successfully then their should be a cleaner that is in your area that is licensed to do the work for you. 

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