How To Clean Furniture From A Thrift Store

If you’ve ever found a thrift store bargain, you most likely wondered how to clean furniture from a thrift store. Although used furniture deals from thrift stores are hard to pass up, it is not uncommon to find spots or soiled areas on upholstered furniture. However, it’s possible to clean furniture from thrift stores and leave the piece looking and smelling fresh.

Items needed to clean furniture from a thrift store:

  • Bowl
  • Mixer
  • Detergent
  • Water
  • Spoon or spatula
  1. Make a cleaning solution. In a small glass or metal bowl or container, mix about two cups of water and about one fourth cup of your preferred laundry detergent. Set your electric mixer on low, and whip the mixture up until it produces dry, fluffy foam.  Avoid plastic bowls, as plastic absorbs the scent from the detergent.
  2. Use the foam to clean your furniture. With a metal spatula or spoon, take some of the foam in the container and spread it onto the upholstery on the furniture. Gently work the foam into the upholstery with a clean rag. Work on a small area at a time until you cover the entire furniture piece.  Use your mixer to rewhip the mixture if you run out of foam.
  3. Use clean water. Dump out the cleaning solution in the bowl, and fill the bowl with clean water. Soak another clean rag in the water. Ring out the excess water and gently rub the upholstery with the rag to get rid of any remaining soil and detergent. You might need to refill the bowl with clean water, and repeat the procedure multiple times until you don’t notice any soapy residue on the rag.
  4. Speed up the drying time. Position an oscillating fan near the furniture piece, and set it on low to help the upholstery dry faster.

Cleaning thrift store furniture does not take long, and it’s ecumenical. Once the furniture dries, you have a clean, fresh piece of furniture. Best of all, thrift store furniture helps you keep more money in your wallet.



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