How To Clean Galvanized Metal

Even though it doesn't corrode as easily as regular metal, it is handy knowing how to clean galvanized metal. It has additives to guard it from oxidation and corrosion, and is mainly used outdoors, although it does have several other uses as well. It will last longer than regular metal as it will not rust or corrode as easily or quickly. Cleaning galvanized metal keeps it in good form and fresh looking. 

To clean Galvanized metal, you will need

  • Warm Water
  • Soft Brush
  • Bucket
  • Rags
  • Metal Wax
  • Hose
  1. Rinse the galvanized metal with water. This will help it get rid of sand and debris that might scratch the metal when you give it a detailed wash. It also helps prevent corrosion to the metal.
  2. Mix ¼ cup of dish washing liquid in a gallon of hot water. With a soft brush, wash the metal in round, circular motions. Begin at one end and cover the whole area till the piece is all cleaned. For hard stains, mix a solution of water and distilled vinegar and rub the area with a soft cloth.
  3. Mix a solution of a part baby powder to two parts milk. Scrub the surface of the galvanized iron with a soft small brush dipped into this mixture. This ensures the alkaline deposits to neutralize.
  4. Once the galvanized iron is washed and cleaned, rinse off with warm water. Make sure no soap is left by rinsing once more.
  5. Use a soft cloth and make sure you dry the galvanized iron completely.
  6. Apply metal or paste wax to the galvanized iron to ensure it stays shining throughout the years. Apply the wax directly with a lint free cloth and with a circular motion, cover the whole area. When done, buff with a clean, soft cloth. You will be pleasantly surprised to notice that even the smaller scratches have faded or disappeared.



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