How To Clean George Foreman Grill

Do you need to know how to clean George Foreman grill? George Foreman grills have been popular for years. They bring low fat simplicity straight to the kitchen and grill up delicious guilt free grub. Keeping the George Foreman grill clean is necessary to prolong the grill's life span. Below, you will find tips on how to clean a George Foreman grill.

  1. In order to really clean the inside of the George Foreman grill, you will want to clean it while the plate is still hot or warm. Always make sure you unplug the grill first though! You can then take a paper towel or sponge to quickly wipe the surface of the grill off. Wear an over mitt while doing this to protect your hands from burns.
  2. You can use basic soap and water to clean a George Foreman grill as well. Make sure you wipe it down thoroughly to remove any soap that may be left behind. Continue to wet the grill to remove all of the soap. Once you no longer see any soap suds on the grill plate, you can begin to dry it off with paper towels.
  3. You should clean the George Foreman grill after each and every use. It's not good to leave old food stuck to the grill as it could grow bacteria and make you sick. You want to maintain the grill with each and every use. Doing so is not only healthier for you and your family, but it also makes cleaning the grill go by much faster than if you were to leave old food stuck to it.
  4. To remove food that may have burnt onto the grill, you can use a plastic spatula, or the spatula that came with the grill to scrape it off. Do not leave burnt food stuck to the grill plate.
  5. There are now George Foreman grill sponges that you can purchase for as little as $5.00. These sponges are designed to clean the George Foreman grill the best, due to the unique design of the sponge that will fit right into the grooves of the George Foreman grill.
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