How To Clean Golf Balls By Hand

Understanding how to properly clean golf balls can help you save quite a bit of money over the course of the golf season.  After all, a clean golf ball is a happy golf ball—and it's really not that difficult.  Not only does a clean golf ball look good, but clumps of mud and grass can effect your shot or the flight of your ball, causing you to lose strokes in  your game.

  1. The golf ball washer at the tee box.  Most reputable golf courses have a ball washer at nearly every hole.  It is usually located next to the hole map, telling you what hole you are on and the yardage at each tee box.
  2. The golf ball washer on the golf cart.  Although not as prevalent as the washer at the tee box, some golf courses provide a golf ball washer on the side of an electric or motorized golf cart.  This can be especially helpful if you find you need to clean your golf ball in the middle of the hole. 
  3. At home? No problem!  If you are at home after a round of golf, you may not want to put your bag away without clean golf balls.  To clean golf balls at home, simply get a bucket of water and mix with regular dish soap (25 parts water to soap).  Just rinse the ball in the water and use a soft cloth to clear away debris.  Remember not to leave the balls floating in the water for too long, or they can become water damaged.  Also, don't use a scratchy brush or anything that can effect the divots on the golf ball.

Having clean golf balls is not just a matter of aesthetics, a dirty golf ball can actually affect your golfing performance.  And no one wants that!

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