How To Clean A Guitar Body

If you want to keep your guitar looking as good as it did the day you brought it home, you need to know how to clean a guitar body. Learning how to clean a guitar body is a necessary skill for the new guitarist to pick up. If cleaned regularly, your guitar will always look its best.

To clean a guitar body, you will need:

  • Guitar
  • Guitar polish
  • Dust-free cloth
  1. Wash your hands. If you're discovering how to clean a guitar body for the first time, be sure not to neglect this easy, but necessary first step. The last thing you want is for your hands to make your guitar dirtier when you're trying to clean it.
  2. Wipe down the guitar body with the cloth. With your dust-free cloth, gently wipe the front, back, and sides of the guitar body. Don't forget to stick the cloth into those hard-to-reach places under the strings. If you really want to know how to clean a guitar body properly, it's necessary to get all the dust out from around the pickups and off of the pickguard, too.
  3. Locate smudges on your guitar. These may be from fingerprints or anything else that touched your guitar and left a mark. Keeping in mind the various places on your guitar you need to clean is an important aspect of knowing how to clean a guitar body because by focusing on several troublesome spots you will be less likely to miss something than you would if you just sprayed some polish on a cloth and rubbed down the guitar.
  4. Spray a little guitar polish onto your cloth. It's important that you only use two or three quick sprays onto your cloth as you don't want to use more polish than necessary. Just a couple of sprays is a enough to clean the guitar, and using too much will make you run out of polish too soon. Be sure not to use any kind of polish made with silicone because it could permanently damage the guitar body. Polish made specifically for guitars should not contain this chemical.
  5. Rub down the smudges. Now that you have polish on the cloth, rub in a circular motion over the smudges you found. Hold the guitar up by the neck or set it on a stand while you do this so that you aren't touching the body.
  6. Rub down the rest of the guitar. After you have rubbed down the smudges, go over the rest of the guitar with the cloth and guitar polish to take care of any spots you may have neglected when you tackled the most notable smudges. Now you know how to clean a guitar body, and you can keep your axe looking brand new.
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