How To Clean Guitar Frets

After hours of playing your guitar, you may find yourself wondering how to clean guitar frets. Cleaning your guitar's frets is easy, and won't require many supplies.

To clean guitar frets, you will need:

  • A guitar
  • Lemon oil (not from real lemons)
  • Clean cloths
  1. Remove the strings. Remove the strings from your guitar. If you plan on putting the strings back on the guitar, wrap them and set the strings aside. Don't allow loose strings to dangle while you work on your guitar.
  2. Wipe the frets with a clean cloth. Use a clean cloth to wipe any excess dirt and oil from the frets. Starting with a dust free surface will leave you with less work in the later steps.
  3. Put some lemon oil on a clean cloth. Put a few drops of lemon oil on a clean cloth. Do not use lemon oil extract; it will harm your guitar. Use lemon oil that is made for wood care. The oil you want is a lemon-scented mineral oil.
  4. Rub the frets with the lemon oil. Use the cloth to rub the frets with the lemon oil. Rub all of the frets thoroughly. Apply more oil directly to the fretboard if needed. You can rub the oil in thoroughly, but do not apply excessively.
  5. Wipe the frets clean. Use a clean cloth to rub any excess oil from the fretboard. After wiping, the fretboard should be clean.
  6. Re-string the guitar. Replace the strings on the guitar. For better sound, use new strings. Applying new strings will keep your fretboard cleaner, longer.

Now you can enjoy your guitar while playing on a clean, polished fretboard. Keep your fretboard clean–the occasional cleaning will extend the life of your instrument.


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