How To Clean A Harley Sportster Engine

So, you want to learn how to clean a Harley Sportster engine. Finding out and learning how to clean your Sportster motorcycle engine will make the engine last longer. Over a period of time, you will see that the engine has collected dirt, chemicals, and debris. It does make sense to learn how to clean the engine. You will need a few supplies to complete the task successfully and you also want to make sure you do not damage the engine or use the wrong chemicals to clean your Harley Sportster.

Thing’s you’ll need:

  • Dry Rags
  • WD-40
  • Leaf Blower
  • Sportster Owner Manual
  1. Gather as much information as you can about how to clean a Harley Sportster engine.  Purchase the spray S100 engine brite cleaner from your local Harley-Davidson dealership to help you get started. Spray WD-40 on the engine and use a clean dry rag to wipe away thick grease and dirt that has accumulated on the engine. Check and make sure that you have removed all debris from the engine so that it will be easier to clean with the S100 engine bright cleaner later.
  2. Get ready to clean your Harley Sportster engine.  Park your Sportster in a shaded area and make sure the engine is cool. Retrieve from your home a small toothbrush and WD-40 to clean the small parts of the engine. Use S100 engine brightener and it has been recommended by Harley Sportster mechanics to clean the Sportster engine. Read the owners manual for the type and model of the Sportster engine you are cleaning.
  3. Start out by reading the directions on the S100 Engine Brightener spray can to help you learn how to clean a Harley Sportster engine. Clean the engine with a normal car wash soap solution and dry the engine with a dry rag or your lawn blower. Spray the S100 Engine Brightener on the engine parts by utilizing the spray nozzle to get to the hard to clean areas. Start up a blower and dry the engine and it will look like a brand new engine.
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