How To Clean Hotel Rooms

Organization serves as the overall foundation in how to clean hotel rooms. Equipped with adequate products and supplies establishes preparation towards being organized. A progressive routine is beneficial to organizing the task of commercial housekeeping. As hotel industry standards allot less than an hour for the cleaning of the average room, it is absolutely necessary to organize such work. While efficiency supports the aspects of guest turnover and operational costs, a quality job meets customer satisfaction and hospitality guidelines. Acquire the skills, and prepare to produce clean hotel rooms that will welcome and accommodate guests.   

To clean hotel rooms, you will need:

  • Maid’s cart
  • Caddy
  • Dirty laundry bag
  • Waste receptacle
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Cleaning cloths or rags
  • Paper towels (or designated cloths for glass and mirror surfaces)
  • Dusters (hand-held and extension models)
  • Mop (amid variations)
  • Cleaning products— air freshener, all purpose antibacterial cleaner, spray disinfectant, furniture polish, glass cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, tub, shower and basin cleaners
  • Paper products—facial and toilet tissue, sanitary napkin or tampon disposal bags
  • Waste basket liners
  • Room glasses
  • Bed linen (appropriate size)
  • Towels—wash, hand and bath sizes
  • Bathmat
  • Gloves (for room cleaner)
  • Guest soap
  • Room amenities (optional)
  1. Gather soiled and used linen and towels. Before actual hotel room cleaning begins, remove sheets and pillow cases from the bed, as well as to pick up all bathroom towels. Deposit gathered laundry into either the dirty laundry bag that is attached to the maid’s cart, or a designated bin for laundry.
  2. Rid hotel room of waste. Remove all waste, as well as to empty waste baskets. Replace liners in such baskets.  
  3. Dust higher areas of the hotel rooms’ bed and bathroom. Use a dry duster that is equipped with an extension handle to reach upper corners, edges, above windows, overhead light fixtures, and ceiling exhaust fan vents.
  4. Attend to shower and tub areas. From top to bottom, thoroughly clean all acrylic or tiled wall surfaces, including any grout. Rinse and dry the entire bathing facility. Use glass cleaner to shine faucets, soap holder, and drain plate or ring. Wipe down and disinfect shower curtains. If glass doors are present, scrub, rinse and dry completely, along with paying the same attention to tracks.
  5. Clean and disinfect tank, pedestal, bowl, and seat of the commodes. Totally cleanse every surface region of the toilets.
  6. Service the basin, mirror, and vanity of bath areas. Completely clean the sink. Spray and polish the sink’s mirror. Wipe up and disinfect the vanity’s surface. Give faucet and drain hardware a polish with the glass cleaner.
  7. Stock bathroom and adjacent space. Fold and replenish all guest towels, along with a bath mat, accordingly. Place a new roll of toilet tissue onto the holder, as well as to leave a spare roll atop the commode’s tank. Set out guest soap at the vanity and bathing facility. Supply clean drinking glasses. Replace facial tissue. If available, furnish toiletry amenities.   
  8. Mop all bath associated area flooring. By aid of the available mop style, clean and disinfect all linoleum or tile floors.
  9. Spruce window regions. Dust sills, and, if present, blinds. Give a light mist of aerosol disinfectant to any drapery. Spray, clean, and wipe glass to a streak-free shine.
  10. Apply care to furnishings and electronics. Dust, disinfect and polish, as appropriate, the furniture, decor, and appliance, within the hotel’s guest rooms. Such pieces in need of attention include headboards, nightstands, chair frames, dressers, tables, wall art, telephone, television, and valet space.
  11. Prepare and make beds. Spray mattresses and pillows, as well as blankets and bedspreads, with hypo allergic aerosol disinfectant. Put fresh bottom and top sheets on beds. Add blankets to nearly made beds. Finish bed making by fitting bedspreads upon beds.
  12. Vacuum carpeted areas of hotel rooms. From the farthest back portion of where carpet lies, and out to its foremost front, fully vacuum such fabric flooring.
  13. Strategically spray guest rooms of the hotel. As not to get over spray upon polished surfaces, carefully mist the aerosol air freshener over the bed and traffic areas.



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