How To Clean Hunting Knives

Hunting knives, along with guns and trusty dogs, are one of the most important tools of a hunter's trade, so it's important to learn how to clean hunting knives and keep the knives  in working order. Failing to clean hunting knives can make them rusty and corroded, so be sure to clean hunting knives after every use to ensure optimal, long lasting performance.

To clean hunting knives, you will need:

  • clean, soft dry cloths
  • soap
  • warm water
  • firearm oil
  • hunting knife sheathes
  • paper
  • plastic bags
  1. Wipe the blades and handles of the hunting knives down with the soft dry cloth. Though sometimes in the wild it is not possible to thoroughly clean hunting knives, remove as much blood and tissue as possible after using the hunting knives. Place the hunting knives back into its sheathe until arriving at a location where the knives can be cleaned more thoroughly.
  2. Clean the hunting knives with soap and warm water.   After cleaning, gently dry the knives with a clean cloth, making sure to avoid scratching the blade.
  3. Oil the blades of the hunting knives handle with firearm oil. Oiling hunting knives, especially knives with lock mechanisms, will keep the springs from getting stuck and ensure rust doesn't accumulate on the blade. Apply the oil sparingly on the hunting knives, to keep the blades from becoming sticky or gummy. Wipe the blade down with a clean cloth after oiling.
  4. Store the hunting knives. Place hunting knives back in their sheathes and store in a space away from activity and free of humidity to keep the knives clean until the next time they are used. For long term storage of hunting knives, wrap the hunting knives in paper and place them in plastic bags to keep water away from the knives.



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