How To Clean Ice Figure Skates

Need to know how to clean ice figure skates? Cleaning the ice skates that you use for figure skating is actually a very simple and quick task. Although cleaning your figure skates is quick and fast, it's a process that should be repeated after each use of the skates. Without adding in the extra step of cleaning your ice skates, not only will your blades rust, but they will become dull quicker and can cause accidents on the ice. To clean your figure skates you will need a couple of materials that you'll want to keep in your skating bag for easy and quick cleaning purposes.

To clean your figure skating ice skates, you will need:

  • A rag (it doesn't need to be anything special, just one that doesn't shed)
  • Skate guards
  • A polishing cloth
  • Boot polish (white, brown or black depending on the color of your ice skates)
  1. Begin cleaning your ice skates immediately after figure skating. Once you come off of the ice, immediately grab your rag and completely dry your blades. 
  2. After you've completely dried off your blades, put your ice guards, whether they are cloth or plastic, on your blade. This will keep your freshly dried and cleaned ice skating blades protected from dirt or anything that could scratch the metal of your blades on the ground.
  3. Take the polishing cloth and, in a circular motion, polish the leather on the boot. This step may not need to be repeated after each use, but once every few uses would be the best option.
  4. While figure skating, many times one of your feet might hook onto your other foot and scratch the boot, leaving an ugly, discolored mark. This can easily be fixed with a container of shoe polish and your polishing cloth. Make sure this is done after the boot is dry and you are not planning on being back on the ice for at least a few hours.

There are a couple of additional tips you'll always want to keep in mind when it comes to keeping your figure skating ice skates clean. Never leave the ice without guards on the blades, and try to avoid walking around in your skates off the ice, even with blade protectors on. Not being on a flat surface can bend and re-mold your boot, which could cause hardship on the ice.

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