How To Clean Indoor Pool Covers

Learning how to clean indoor pool covers is a good way to maintain your pool. Covering your indoor pool can greatly reduce your pool costs by preventing evaporation, and knowing how to clean your indoor pool cover is an important part of pool maintenance. While indoor pool covers are unlikely to get as dirty as outdoor pool covers, which are exposed to the elements, a proper cleaning from time to time will keep your cover in good shape. Use these techniques to clean your indoor pool cover.

  1. Remove Debris. Indoor pool covers don't tend to accumulate as much debris as outdoor ones, both because they're not exposed to the elements and items like falling branches, and because indoor pools are often used year-round, which means that they are uncovered regularly. Still, taking the time to remove any debris or dust. If you have an automatic pool cover, start at the reel end. Using a telescoping brush or pool brush, pull all debris toward one end where you can safely sweep it off. If you have a great deal of debris or large pieces, you can use a hose or power washer to help move the debris along.
  2. Rinse thoroughly. Using a hose or power washer, rinse the cover thoroughly. If you have an automatic cover, you can do this with the cover in place. If you have a fully removable cover, lay it out in the yard or on the deck where you can wash it. Automatic covers can be cleaned one panel at a time, by washing the panel, then rolling the cover up to the next panel, and so on. 
  3. Let dry.  Let your cover dry thoroughly to avoid mold and mildew damage. Powdering the cover may also assist in keeping it dry. If you have a fully removable cover, wait until it is thoroughly dry to fold and store it. Some pool owners also take this opportunity to treat their cover with a vinyl protectant such as Armor-all.
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