How To Clean The Inside Of Wii Console

Have you ever wondered how to clean the inside of a Wii console? This may be necessary is you see a message stating that your disc is unreadable or if you are a smoker as grime can build up on the inside parts of the console. While it's recommended that you do not take your Wii apart, there are other ways of cleaning the inside of a Wii.

  1. Keep it clean in the first place. You should frequently wipe down your Wii console with a soft microfiber cloth to keep it free from dust and dirt. The cleaner you keep the outside of your Wii, the less likely it is that dirt will build up in the console. If you're a smoker, try running an air filtration system in the room where you keep your Wii or set up a small fan to blow the smoke away from the console.
  2. Use compressed air. A can of compressed dry air can be used to blow out any dust from inside the console. Avoid blowing into the Wii as the moisture from your breath can cause the interior parts of the Wii to corrode.
  3. Clean your game discs. Before inserting a Wii game, be sure to wipe it off with a soft cloth. If the disc is still dirty, you can use a soft cloth that has been dampened with water. Be sure to allow the disc to fully dry before putting it back in the Wii.
  4. Use a Wii Lens Cleaner. If your discs are clean but you still receive an error message, use a Wii Lens Cleaner. This type of cleaning disc is an authorized Nintendo product and a list of retailers can be found on their website. Do not use a CD drive cleaner in a Wii as the console does not support CD playback.
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