How To Clean A Jet Ski

Want to learn about how to clean a jet ski? Good care will increase the life of your jet ski and can save money. When taking the jet ski out of storage, residue from dirt needs to be cleaned before using the jet ski. Cleaning a jet ski after each use only requires a rinse with the hose. Getting the jet ski ready for use takes a bit more cleaning work.

In order to learn how to clean a jet ski, you will need:

  • Car Wash Soap
  • Chamois
  • Hose
  • Sponge
  • Polish
  • Vinyl cleaner
  1. Wash the jet ski. Blow out any excess water by letting the engine run for about five to ten minutes. Cool the engine before cleaning. Spray the engine with a low-pressured mist of fresh water. Wash the hull and prevent water from drying on your jet ski to avoid water spotting and etching. Etching appears when you leave behind beads of water, which amplify the sun's influence on the surfaces. Rinsing the jet ski after each use only requires this step for cleaning off salt water and dirt.
  2. Clean the surfaces. Washing removes sand and salt water from the surface. Cleaning removes the bonds of surface contaminants including bugs, spider-droppings, and tree sap mist if the jet ski sat idle for long periods. Scrub off all the grime, algae and excess dirt. Besides learning how to clean a jet ski, if you want to make your jet ski look pearlescent, take some time to clean with formulated gel wash. Regular household detergents remove the wax protection and speed up corrosion. Available biodegradable gel wash lifts scum, salt spray, dirt and other contaminants without stripping the protective wax coating. Chamois the jet ski dry.
  3. Polish the surface areas. You can restore faded surfaces to their original vibrant color using a color restorer mixture. The color restorer provides a strong gloss on the treated surface. If your jet ski is gel coated, you will need a rotary polisher with wool pads in order to remove all defects. Remember to tape all rubber and ABS plastic trim; polish is intimidating to get off once it touches these surfaces.
  4. Protect surfaces. Exposure to sunlight breaks down the gel coat quickly, so make sure you always cover and store your jet ski away from direct sunlight. Spray a lanolin-based anti-corrosion lubricant over everything when cleaning a jet ski. A cutting agent and anti-moisture spray helps you keep the controls, steering cables, and linkages in working order since they need lubrication to stay corrosion-free.



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