How To Clean A Keg

How to clean a keg is something you should learn if you want to maintain your beer container in good condition. Proper storage of your beer will affect the quality of its taste. A small quantity of leftover of beers in the keg may entirely ruin the taste of the next batch of beer that you will keep in it. The stainless parts of the keg can also come close in contact with the beer and it is very important to sanitize these parts and clean a keg to maintain its good condition. 

  1. Assemble the tools you will need to clean a keg. You will need a sanitizing solution preferably the one especially made for cleaning a keg, a cleaning powder or solution, a rag or a piece of cloth, water, and a big bowl.
  2. You need to disassemble the keg by first releasing its bail to depressurize the lid. There are usually rubber rings inside the lid that smell like soda syrup. You can wash them with  warm, soapy water to remove the odor. Sometimes the rubber rings may be so cracked or dried out that they need a replacement. Do so in order to preserve the condition of the keg, as there are many replacement parts available in the market.
  3. As the inside of the keg is exposed, rinse the keg with water then mix the cleaning solution inside. Cover the keg and thoroughly shake the solution to loosen the standing sediments and leftover beer inside the keg. You may periodically turn the keg upside down every 30 minutes to ensure that all areas of the keg are clean. Clean the other parts of the keg such as the connecting valves or posts on a separate bowl with the cleaning solution. Use the piece of cloth or rag to clean each part thoroughly, then rinse.
  4. You need to rinse the keg and its parts many times to ensure no residue of the cleaning solution and the beer sediments are left. It is ideal to use warm water for rinsing at least three times or until there is no more chemical odor left in the keg. Begin to sanitize by pouring the sanitizing solution inside the keg. Note that the sanitizing solution is one that does not need rinsing and you will force it out through the tubes in order to sanitize the areas that are difficult to reach. Reassemble the parts of the keg then force out the sanitizer by forcing it out of the keg with the help of carbon dioxide.
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