How To Clean The Keys On A Digital Piano

Cleaning them is delicate process, so learning how to clean the keys on a digital piano properly is a must. A digital piano is like a computer and should be treated like one. The keys are fragile, and the digital piano is a machine that can easily be mistreated and break down. Here are some tips on how to safely clean the keys on a digital piano:

  1. Use a dry lint-free cloth to clean the keys on a digital piano. With the dry cloth, wipe down every key. Make sure to clean all sides of the keys. The dry cloth can also be used to clean the LCD screen if the digital piano or keyboard has one. The cloth will clean up any dust, as well as remove some fingerprints and oils.
  2. Use a mild cleaner for stubborn fingerprints and oils. When a digital piano is played, oils from the fingertips get onto the keys. The oils help dust and dirt to cake onto the keys, eventually turning them a disgusting gray color. When that happens, it is necessary to use a cleaner to clean the keys on a digital piano. Purchase a professional cleaner made specifically for pianos and musical instruments. They can be found online or at music stores. Place a very small amount of the cleaner on the cloth, and wipe down each key with it. Immediately after, use a dry cloth to wipe away any moisture that remains. Do not use more cleaner for each key. Clean at least three keys before applying more of the cleaner.
  3. Blow away dust with a compressed air spray. To clean the keys on a digital piano, treat the piano like a computer keyboard. When a digital piano is not in use, it will build up tons of dust that will fall between the keys. Use a can of compressed air to blow away the dust. These cans generally come with a small nozzle for hard-to-reach places. Compressed air sprays can be found in the computer section of most stores.
  4. Never use water to clean the keys on a digital piano. A digital piano is electronic. No one would pour water on their computer keyboards, so do not do that with a digital piano. Also, never remove the keys and submerge them in water. Even the smallest amount of water can cause the digital piano to short out and stop working.
  5. Never use household cleaning supplies, alcohol, or anything acidic. Cleaning supplies are filled with chemicals that will harm the keys and the digital piano. Despite being made of a form of plastic, the keys on a digital piano are still susceptible to being destroyed by these harmful chemicals. To clean the keys of a digital piano use only professional cleaners made for musical instruments, if necessary.
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