How To Clean Land Rover Discovery Oxygen Sensors

So, you're wondering how to clean Land Rover Discovery oxygen sensors. Cleaning the Land Rover Discovery's oxygen sensor can be done without removing the sensor from the vehicle and the cost will be no more than ten dollars. The Land Rover Discovery's oxygen sensor is a part of the vehicle's emissions system which monitors the engine's air-fuel mixture. When the balance of the Land Rover's air-fuel mixture is off, the sensor may trigger the check engine light. If the oxygen sensor is dirty with varnish and or carbon deposits, the vehicle's owner may or may not notice a drop in the engine's performance. The vehicle might get fewer miles per gallon, it might have a rough idle, or even stall. 

The only tool that is needed to clean Land Rover Discovery oxygen sensors is:

  • A sixteen ounce can of auto marine motor treatment.
  1. Add the motor treatment.  Wait until the Land Rover Discovery's fuel tank is at least less than half full. Add the entire can of motor treatment to the fuel tank. If the Land Rover Discovery's tank is above half full and you are unable to drive the vehicle because of the engine's performance, add two cans of treatment.
  2. Drive. Drive the Land Rover Discovery. The vehicle may hesitate and run badly at first. When the marine motor treatment cleans enough gum, varnish and carbon from the oxygen sensor or sensors, the Land Rover Discovery's engine will smooth out. It the vehicle is running rough, it should smooth out after ten or fifteen minutes of normal driving. If the check engine light is on, it should go off, if it doesn't go off immediately it will go off after a few days of driving.

Tips/Warnings: Auto marine motor treatment contains petroleum distillates and can damage the Land Rover Discovery's paint. It will also harm eyes and skin, so use care when handling.

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