How To Clean Leather Jacket At Home

It is a great time to learn how to clean leather jacket at home. Cleaning leather, with the exception of suede, is not as hard as the dry cleaner would like you to believe. Cleaning a leather jacket yourself will cost considerably less than taking it to the dry cleaner, and it works pretty well too!

To clean a leather jacket at home you will need:

  • A gentle soap – shampoo and hand soap work well
  • A bowl of water
  • Two soft rags
  • Oil – You can purchase mink oil from the store for a few dollars, it is the best for the job. Olive oil can work as well.
  1. Mix some of the soap in with the bowl of water. You only need a little bit of soap to clean a leather jacket, too much can leave a slight film on the jacket. The temperature of the water is not incredibly important, but warm water tends to dissolve the soap a little bit better.
  2. Dampen the rag in the water and lightly wash the outside of the coat. This will clean a leather jacket of any smaller stains and salt stains.
  3. If there is a removable lining, it should be taken out and washed according to its directions. If there is a lining sewn into the coat spraying it with Fabric Refresher is the best option. Cleaning a leather jacket lining with soap and water can take too long to dry on some coats, causing a moldy smell.
  4. After you clean a leather jacket and the dampness has dried is the time to put the oil onto the jacket. The jacket needs to be moisturized to prevent the leather from drying out and cracking. If you are using mink oil, apply a thin layer, remove the excess with your dry rag and allow it to dry for a few hours. When using olive oil, you only need a small amount. If the coat shines, then too much was used. Rub a small amount of olive oil onto the coat and remove the excess with a dry rag. It may need to dry for a few hours.
  5. After the jacket has finished drying, admire it for a moment before wearing. You now know how to clean a leather jacket.
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