How To Clean Manicure Brushes

Need to know how to clean manicure brushes? Manicure brushes will need to be cleaned regularly in order to continue to do their job well. Good manicure brushes should have firm bristles to clean under and around the nails, most will also have a small handle or grip for easier use. There are a few basic steps that can help keep your manicure brushes clean and effective.

  1. Rinse them out regularly. Simply rinsing out your manicure brushes after every time that you use them is a good idea in order to keep them clean. If the brushes are cleaning your nails effectively, chances are they're also collecting their share of dirt and grime. You don't want to be putting old dirt back on your nails the next time you use the manicure brush.
  2. Wash them occasionally. Giving your manicure brushes a more thorough cleansing about once a month is a good idea. A baby shampoo, fragrance free laundry detergent, or other mild cleanser is usually your best option. A drop of your shampoo will also work well. Add the cleansing agent to a small container of water, a glass or bowl depending on the size of the manicure brushes, and soak the brushes for a few minutes.  Rinse them with warm water until they are free of any soap or residue.  This can best be achieved by scrubbing them gently on the side of the bowl or sink.
  3. Always let them dry thoroughly. The only things worse than dirty manicure brushes are moldy manicure brushes.  Be sure to let the manicure brushes dry out after they have been rinsed or washed. All this usually means is leaving them out on the sink to air dry and not putting them back in a bag or in the cabinet until they are dry.
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