How To Clean Mistral Windsurf Board

After spending time in the surf, you should know how to clean a Mistrel windsurf board. Being in the water will not clean your surf board alone. You would need to clean your Mistrel windsurf board with a reliable cleaning solution or wax. It is easy to clean your Mistrel windsurf board with these easy steps:

Things you will need:

  • Cloth
  • Cleaning solution of your choice (wax remover spray by Watermans is best)
  • Mistrel windsurf board
  1. Place your Mistrel windsurf board on a flat, safe surface. Placing the board on a flat surface makes it easier to clean. It should be the only way you would want to place your board. The Mistrel windsurf board is too long and wide to try and place it in an upward or slanted position.
  2. Put your wax remover spray on your cloth and your Mistrel windsurf board. It is good to get cleaning solution on your board and your cloth. It would ensure good, quality cleaning and coverage of the board. Do not saturate the cloth and windsurf board with too much solution where it would be dripping.
  3. Wipe your cloth around your Mistrel windsurf board. You would need to wipe your Minstrel windsurf board with your cloth in a circular motion. Wiping the windsurf board in a circular motion would give great results in little time. Continue wiping the board in a circular motion until you have cleaned the whole surface of the board.
  4. Clean other side of the board. You would need to turn the Mistrel windsurf board over to get to the other side that has not been cleaned. That is why it is important to have a flat, safe surface so that it would not interfere with your cleaning results. Ensure that the flat surface is not capable of scratching your Mistrel windsurf board.
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