How To Clean Motorcycle Air Filter

Need to know how to clean a motorcycle air filter? To clean an air filter on a motorcycle, it first must be a cleanable filter. Cleaning a motorcycle filter that is not washable will only damage the filter; in that case, it needs to be replaced. If you want to clean a motorcycle air filter, you require a brand and style that allows to you clean it. Simply shaking the dirt and debris from a motorcycle air filter isn’t cleaning it. Cleaning a motorcycle air filter requires far more detailing to get it clean. Cleanable motorcycle air filters are common on the marketplace and all follow the same basic guidelines for cleaning. Below are simple instructions on how to clean a motorcycle air filter.

To clean a motorcycle air filter, you will need:

  • A dirty, cleanable motorcycle air filter
  • Motorcycle air filter cleaning solution
  • A hard surface
  • A water hose
  • A soft-bristle paint brush
  • Filter grease
  1. Remove the motorcycle air filter. Gently hit it against a hard surface to remove loose particles and dust. Take the paintbrush and work it through the grooves of the motorcycle air filter. Push out all debris and excess dust. Hit against a hard surface one more time.
  2. Spray the motorcycle air filter with the cleaning solution. The spray should be even and not make the air filter dripping wet. Cover the entire air filter and let it sit for about thirty minutes.
  3. Take the hose and turn on the water to a gentle flow. Run water all over the filter, washing off the cleaning solution. Shake off excess water and allow the filter to dry. Avoid direct sunlight or blow-drying; simply allow the filter to dry. This process will take a few hours.
  4. When dry, apply the filter grease. This will coat the filter and protect the filaments. Application of the grease should cover the entire motorcycle air filter. You are now ready to reinstall the filter until the next cleaning is due.
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