How To Clean My iPod Shuffle

Are you thinking to yourself, "I need to know how to clean my iPod Shuffle"? The iPod Shuffle, although quite small, can get very dirty, and this guide will tell you everything you need to know to clean your iPod Shuffle safely. Since the iPod Shuffle is so small, it can get in many different places, some of which may be very dirty. Some people even wear the iPod Shuffle in their hair, which surely would necessitate cleaning eventually. Typically, users of the iPod Shuffle are mountain biking, skiing, running or working out in some way. These activities require you to shower yourself, and therefore you should make sure you clean your Shuffle often with use. Here are some tips on how to clean your iPod Shuffle.

  1. Remove anything that may be covering the iPod Shuffle. This may include screen guards, cases or armbands. These accessories are worth buying if you don't use them already; they will keep the iPod clean longer and help it last longer as well. However, they can trap dirt in, or get dirty themselves and need cleaning, so remove them now!
  2. Find a safe cleaner for your iPod Shuffle. You are better off picking something safe or specifically designed for this purpose. Stay away from alcohol or anything toxic or not meant to clean plastic, glass and metal safely. Certain products have been designed specifically to clean the iPod, and may be available at the Apple store. All of these cleaners will be safe for this purpose; they are non-toxic and alcohol-free.
  3. Get a very soft cloth or chamois. Use the cloth that came with your iPhone, favorite sunglasses, regular glasses or a chamois. Again, special cloths are made that will work for this purpose.
  4. Clean the iPod Shuffle by rubbing the cloth with an ample amount of cleaning solution on it. Make sure the Shuffle is off. Clean the front of the Shuffle and in between the button on the front by rubbing with the tip of your fingernail through the cloth. To clean the clip on the back of the shuffle, run the cloth wet with solution behind the clip.
  5. Rub the iPod Shuffle with a similar dry cloth. You may also use a cloth big enough to make one side wet and the other dry. This way you can use the same cloth to clean and dry your Shuffle. Make sure to run a dry cloth through the back of the clip after cleaning.
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