How To Clean My Wii So It Can Read Discs

You might find that you have to clean the lens on your Nintendo Wii so that it can read discs. Sometimes the lens that reads the information off your Wii video game discs gets dirty or contaminated. This contamination is caused from things like dust or smoke and can keep the lens from doing its job. If you want to keep playing and don't want to buy a new game console,you will have to buy the Nintendo Wii Lens Cleaning Kit.

The Wii Lens Cleaning Kit was designed specifically by Nintendo in order to clear the Wii lens of any dirt or other contamination that interferes with the game console's ability to read the information on Wii video game discs. The kit can be purchased from the Nintendo online store, or is available in video game retail stores.

The Wii Lens Cleaning Kit comes with: 

  • a lens cleaner, with a cleaning pad on it
  • cleaning fluid
  • five extra cleaning pads so the kit can be used again in the future.
  1. Plug in your Wii and hit the "Eject" button. Remove any game disc that might have been inside the system.
  2. Apply the cleaning fluid to the cleaning pad. Use no more than two to three drops.
  3. Insert the lens cleaner into the disc slot on the Wii. The top will face the right if the system is vertical and up if the system is horizontal. There are blue lines on the lens cleaner that should be parallel to the disc slot. It should slide in easily.
  4. After five seconds take the handle and move the lens cleaner back and forth 3/4". You will do this about ten to twenty times. Return the handle to the center of the disc slot and let go. Press the "Eject" button to release the disc cleaner. Do not force it out.
  5.  Insert a game and check to make sure the Wii is reading the information. If it isn't, you might need to replace the cleaning pad on the lens cleaner and clean your Wii again. If it still is not working you should check the Nintendo Support website or call their support hotline at (800) 255-3700.  

Remember not to add too many drops of cleaning fluid to the pad. This can cause the cleaning pad to fall off inside of the Wii.


Cleaning Kit 

Wii Lens Cleaner

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