How To Clean Nike Dunks

You can find out how to clean your Nike dunks and make them look brand new again.  Dunks can possibly last for a long time although eventually, it loses its brand-new effectiveness because of constant wearing, stained with mud, and other dirt spots. 

  1. Get the materials needed to clean the shoes. To clean your Nike dunks, get a cleaning tool that will not be too harsh on your shoes because most Nike dunks material are made of leather, suede or combined with both. Use a toothbrush for scrubbing, water, and liquid detergent to clean.
  2. Remove shoelaces. Take the laces off your Nike dunks and place the shoe tongue upward and put tissue or paper towel inside the shoes to avoid it getting damp.
  3. Clean the shoes. Take a small amount of liquid detergent and place into an old cup or bucket with water and mix it together. After the detergent dissolve in the water, dip the toothbrush in the cleaning solution and gently scrub dirt or marks on the Nike Dunks. Repeat the steps until they are finally clean then air-dry the Dunks for a few hours.


  • Use other alternatives to clean your Nike Dunks. If you have suede in them, use suede or nail brush to remove harsh stains off. Suede stain removers are available at most stores, or if you do not want the hassle or risk of destroying the Dunks, take it to a shoe repair store.

After they are clean, spray the shoes with a protector spray so it is resistant of attracting dirt onto the shoes.

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