How To Clean Nike Elite Running Socks

After you spend more than 50 dollars for the ultimate comfort, you should also know how to clean your Nike Elite running socks. Many people will scoff at your fancy feet and point out you can also get fifteen pairs of regular old athletic socks, but you know what? The Nike Elite running socks are worth it. They are the most comfortable pair of socks you will ever run in and your feet will thank you. But they are also expensive so you will want to definitely take good care of them.

To clean Nike Elite running socks, you will need:

  • Mild detergent
  • Liquid fabric softener
  1. Not your normal sock. There are many things you should never do with your Nike Elite running socks like throw them in with the general wash. Never wash these socks in hot water or dry them with high heat. Do not use bleach or any detergent that contains bleach. If your laundry detergent brags about making whites whiter, it probably has bleach in it.
  2. Washing. To clean Nike Elite running socks, the first thing you should do it turn them inside out. Washing them this way helps keep them fluffy and comfortable. Wash them in cold or cold/warm water with a mild detergent that does not have bleach. Add a liquid softener to keep the fibers soft and flexible.
  3. Drying. The best way to dry your Nike Elite running socks is to air dry them outside in indirect sunlight. If this is impractical or it is raining, tumble dry them on the lowest setting. If the air is too hot it will compromise the fiber technology you spent so much money on.


  • Some people think socks have to be eggshell white to be clean. Nike Elite running socks are more than cotton, so adding anything caustic to make them whiter will do more harm than good.
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