How To Clean Nike Football Receiver Gloves

By keeping some basic guidelines in mind, you can learn how to clean Nike football receiver gloves. It doesn't matter if the gloves are new or old, keeping them clean will improve both your look and your athletic performance on the field.

Materials needed:

  • Vegetable brush
  • Dishwashing soap
  • Water
  1. Remove any athletic tape, safety pins or other external articles that may be currently on the football gloves. Discard these items or place them in a secure location where they can be reattached after the gloves have been cleaned.
  2. Brush the football gloves. Use a small, clean vegetable brush with firm bristles to carefully remove as much of the dried dirt, sweat and sand as possible from the gloves. Be sure to brush both sides of the glove in order to achieve optimal results.
  3. Turn the football gloves inside out. This will help to protect the exterior of the gloves during washing.
  4. Put a small amount of dishwashing or hand soap into the bottom of a large tub. Fill the tub with warm water. Submerge the gloves into the water and scrub them by hand as much as possible in order to remove all excess dirt.
  5. Allow the football gloves to soak for at least for at least a couple of hours in the water. Remove the gloves from the tub, wring the water from them and place on a hard surface in direct sunlight. Allow the gloves to dry completely before use.
  6. Examine the football gloves. Make sure all the dirt has been completely removed. Have fun!
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