How To Clean Nike Magnigrip Football Gloves

Are you wondering how to clean Nike Magnigrip football gloves? Special care needs to be given to these somewhat pricey, lightweight receiver football gloves to maintain their size, stickiness and effectiveness. If you are trying to extend their life to get a second season, you know that proper care must be given to protect your Nike Magnigrip football gloves, especially along the double-stitched finger gussets.

Things you'll need:

  • Cold water
  • Bucket/sink
  • Towel
  1. Check the care tag of the football gloves. Always read the care tag attached on the gloves or came with the gloves. Be sure to always follow manufacturer's instructions as the care tag will list the best water setting allowed to properly clean the gloves.
  2. Secure the Velcro on the football gloves. Make sure the Velcro on both gloves is secure. Leaving the Velcro unsecure may draw lint into the Velcro, making it less effective.
  3. Hand wash your football gloves. Use a container with cold water to hand wash you Nike Magnigrip football gloves to maintain their effectiveness (stickiness) and appearance. Using cold water without detergent or cleaners will clean the gloves without ruining their finish.
  4. Air dry your Nike Magnigrip football gloves. Air drying your football gloves will help them retain their shape and avoid shrinkage. To do this, lay the football gloves on a towel on a flat surface in an open and dry area to ensure proper drying. Make sure to turn the gloves to allow the air to dry both sides. Check the inside of the gloves to ensure they are dry after the outside feels dry to the touch. Turn inside out if needed.
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