How To Clean Or Wash A Vintage Quilt

If you own one of these common American heirlooms, you've most likely wondered how to clean or wash a vintage quilt.  They require gentle care to prevent deterioration of the fabric. Follow these steps to ensure your vintage quilt is kept free of damage while you clean it.

To clean or wash a vintage quilt you'll need:

  • Vacuum (with attachments)
  • Gentle fabric wash or quilt wash
  • Clothesline
  1. Check your vintage quilt for any damage or loose seams. If it's hand-sewn or the fabric is damaged, you shouldn't submerge it in water. Remove small stains by spot-treating the vintage quilt with quilt wash and water on a soft cloth. Consult a professional to remove tough stains or do a deep clean. Go to step four if you simply want to remove dust and air out any odors.
  2. Fill a tub with cold water and some fabric or quilt wash. Soak the vintage quilt in the wash water for five minutes, then swirl it around gently to clean. Rinse in cold water. Don't squeeze or wring it out as this can weaken the material. Press to remove excess water.
  3. Lay the quilt out flat, or tumble dry on low. Hanging it can damage wet fabric, due to the weight bearing down on a clothesline.
  4. Hang the dry quilt outside to air it out. Fresh air is good for the fabric and will keep it smelling fresh. If you don't have a clothesline, hang it on your shower rod. Use the vacuum attachment to remove any dust or lint.


Cleaning quilts

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