How To Clean Out IPod

Learning how to clean out iPod is a necessity for any frequent user. New music comes out, life changes, and that playlist needs to be refreshed. Start by hooking up your iPod to the computer and get out with the old and in with the new.

  1. Take everything off your iPod. It's drastic, but it gives you a clean slate to work with. You can keep all of your music in iTunes, so you aren't losing anything, you are just removing it from your listening device. When you clean out iPod makes it easier to choose what you want to add back in.
  2. Start by making playlists that you want to use. It helps to think about when you listen to your iPod. On the way to work? Driving playlist. When you work out? Work out playlist. As you create playlists, don't put any songs in there, just make a place for the music to go. You can also add a miscellaneous playlist so that everything that doesn't fit into a certain category can still be put on the iPod.
  3. Pick a playlist and start adding music. Because you took everything off the iPod, this might take a little time. Add the songs you are sure about first. Then, scan through and see if there are any maybes. If you have enough room, add them. It may help to sort the songs you have in iTunes by artist to help determine where the songs you want are located.
  4. Add the miscellaneous music. Next add the music that doesn't fit into a specific category. If all other playlists are filled, but you still have room, keep on adding until you either have all the songs you want or your iPod is full. These steps can also be used to clean out iPod that contains pictures and movies.
This method to clean out iPod ensures that it holds only the music you want to hear.



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