How To Clean Pampered Chef Pizza Stone

Learn how to clean a Pampered Chef Pizza Stone after you have made fabulous pizza. Cleaning a Pampered Chef Pizza Stone properly is very important to maintain the longevity of the pizza stone. A properly cleaned pizza stone will darken and develop a naturally nonstick surface with each use. This is known as a seasoned pizza stone.

  1. Hand wash the Pampered Chef Pizza Stone in hot water prior to the first use. Do not ever use soap or detergent to clean the pizza stone. The pizza stone is not dishwasher safe and should not be cleaned in the dishwasher.
  2. Bake high-fat foods on the Pampered Chef Pizza Stone. Baking foods with a high fat content or lightly brushing the pizza stone with cooking oil for the first several uses will deliver the best results. Avoid using nonstick aerosol spray on the pizza stone as it will become sticky and it is difficult to remove from the pizza stone.
  3. Clean the Pampered Chef Pizza Stone after baking. After the pizza stone has cooled you should remove any remaining food with the scraper. Handle the pizza stone properly by using heat-resistant oven mitts. Improper handling of the pizza stone can cause burns. It is also important to place the pizza stone on a protected surface.
  4. Place the Pampered Chef Pizza Stone in hot water to clean. Once the pizza stone is rinsed and dried with a clean towel, it is ready to be used again.

Helpful Tips for using a Pampered Chef Pizza Stone:

  • A Pampered Chef Pizza Stone should only be used in the conventional, convection or microwave oven and should not be placed under the broiler.
  • Distribute food evenly over the pizza stone surface. When baking, at least two-thirds of the pizza stone should be covered with food.


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