How To Clean Pen From Suede Couches

How to clean pen from suede couches is knowledge you may need if you find yourself in the following situation. You just purchased a beautiful, luxurious suede sofa, the one you've always dreamed of. You are very happy. One day, you're sitting on your new sofa on the phone and you grab a pen and paper to write down a phone number. Your conversation is so interesting, that you unconsciously rest your writing hand down on the sofa. Unbeknownst to you, you slide the pen tip across the sofa's surface for about 2 inches while adjusting to a more comfortable sitting position. And bam! You just put a pen mark on your plush, brand spanking new sofa. You see it. You gasp, scream obscenities, then run to your computer and search: "how to clean pen from suede couches."

There are several methods to clean pen from suede couches and they are all quite simple. Choose your method and follow these steps to a pen-free sofa:

  1. How to clean pen from suede couches using an emery board or nail file. Scrape the pen mark gently with the emery board. This will loosen up the fabric and make it more conducive for removing the pen stain. Put some water in a pot and bring to boil, hold the cushion over the pot to let the steam infiltrate the stain. Remove, then allow the area to dry. If the pen mark is on a place that you cannot place over a pot of boiling water, you can use a steamer to do the job.
  2. How to clean pen from suede couches using white vinegar. Apply some white vinegar to a soft clean cloth and wipe the stain gently. Patting the stain or wiping it will both work. Then set aside to dry. You can repeat this process until your stain is removed.
  3. How to clean pen from suede couches using window cleaner. Spray some window cleaner directly on the stain and wipe with a soft clean cloth. Continue to wipe and add more cleaner until the stain is gone. Then allow the area to dry.
  4. How to clean pen from suede couches using fine grit sandpaper. Gently rub the fine grit sandpaper over the stain until all remnants of the stain have disappeared. Don't rub too hard or it may remove some of the suede.
  5. How to clean pen from suede couches using a cotton swab and isopropyl alcohol. Dip the swab in isopropyl alcohol and rub it gently over the stain. Continue to rub it over the stain until the stain is gone. Be sure not to rub too hard or else it affects the brush of the suede fabric.

Always be sure to test an inconspicuous part of the couch first to make sure the product doesn't leave any residue or discoloration. It's better to be safe than sorry.

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