How To Clean Piano Finish Laminate Floor

Piano finish laminate is a popular look, and if you want that look in your home, it is important to know how to clean piano finish laminate flooring properly in order to maintain a beautiful finish. You must use the right tools in order to avoid scratching and harming the surface of your flooring. So before you start cleaning your laminate flooring, be sure you will be doing it properly.

To clean piano finish laminate flooring, you will need:

  • Broom
  • Dust pan
  • Vacuum cleaner without a beater brush
  • Sponge mop
  • Wood flooring cleaner
  • Dry towel
  1. Vacuum the laminate flooring to remove large pieces of dirt. Be sure that the vacuum you use has no beater bar as it could scratch the laminate. Go over the flooring at least twice to ensure you have not missed any large particles.

  2. Sweep your piano finish laminate with a broom. After you vacuum there will still be some dirt left on your flooring, so it is necessary to sweep as well. Simply run your broom over the flooring and sweep any dirt into a pile. Then carefully sweep the pile into your dust pan and discard.

  3. Wet your sponge mop lightly with the wood flooring cleaner. You do not want the mop to be wet, just moist. Too much moister can warp the laminate, so only use as much as you have to. Remember, several light coats is always better than one heavy one.

  4. Dry your flooring with a dry cloth. Once your piano finished flooring has been mopped, remove any access water. Simply run a large dry towel over the floor in a circular motion. Once your laminate flooring is dry to the touch, you are done. Enjoy your clean piano finish laminate flooring.

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