How To Clean Pickup Truck Beds

If you own a pickup truck, you may want to know how to clean pickup truck beds. Cleaning a pickup bed properly will help extend the life of your paint and can help prevent rust along with wear and tear. Pickup truck beds are easy to clean and only adds a few minutes on to the wash time.

To clean a pickup truck bed, you will need:

  • Car washing soap
  • Dawn dish soap
  • Grease remover
  • Broom
  • Soft bristled brush
  • Bucket
  • Sponge
  • Wax
  1. Sweep. Begin cleaning your pickup truck bed by sweeping it out with a broom. This will remove all the loose debris. Be sure to get all of the corners as well.
  2. Wash. Make a bucket of hot water with some car washing soap. Car washing soap is formulated to get the dirt but not to strip the wax. Follow the manufacturer directions on the back of the bottle. Hose down the bed of the pickup truck. Use the brush to begin scrubbing from the cab end of the bed to the tailgate pushing the dirt water out as you go.
  3. Rinse. Rinse the soapy water from the bed of the pickup truck. Begin up by the cab and rinse towards the tailgate.
  4. Wash Again. Check areas that were extra dirty or stained. You may have to scrub area with dish soap which is great for cutting dirt, grime or grease but can remove the wax.
  5. Wax. After the bed of your pickup truck is completely dry, you may want to give it a nice coat of wax. Wax is completely optional and not necessary but some like their pickup truck bed to shine like the rest of it.
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