How To Clean A Playstation 2 Disc

Learning how to clean a Playstation 2 disc is easy because you can use a number of common household items to do it. You'll notice that your Playstation 2  disc is slightly more durable than regular audio CDs. This means that there are some techniques you can use to clean your Playstation 2 disc that you couldn't even use on an audio CD. The use of some rather easy cleaning techniques will end the freezing and skipping caused by dirty Playstation 2 discs. Here's how to clean a Playstation 2 disc with household stuff.

What you need:

  • rubbing alcohol or a little window cleaner
  • soft cloth
  • cotton swab
  1.  Look at the Playstation 2 Disc. If it just has a few finger prints, it's an easy fix. Just grab your cloth and, in a circular motion, rub out the finger prints. There's nothing much to it. Rotate your disc counter clockwise removing any and all fingerprints on the disc. Try the disc out just to make sure it works. If not, it's time to upgrade your game plan.
  2. Applying the alcohol solution. If the cloth by itself isn't effectively ending the skips and game freezes, you may have some scratches in the disc. In this case, using an alcohol solution, or window cleaner will greatly reduce the effects of the scratches. Dab the edge of your cloth in the solution. Grab the disc. In a circular motion, rub the alcohol solution over the disc. Rotate the Playstation 2 disc in the same manner as step one. Make sure you give the disc a decent coat, but don't drench it. Yeah, it sounds like a gamer's myth, but the alcohol solution really works. In actuality, that "magic" stuff that movie rental places use to clean your discs is made of the same stuff.
  3. The cotton swab method. No this isn't a song by some alternative Hip Hop group. If you don't have a cloth, you can use a cotton swab dipped in the alcoholic solution to clean your Playstion 2 disc. Instead of cleaning in a circular fashion, you want to take the cotton swab and lightly run it over the disc in horizontal lines. Again, it sounds like some gamer's myth, but this technique is quite effective in getting your disc up and running again.
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