How To Clean Polyester And Satin Blend Fabrics

Most of us avoid a man-made fabrics like polyester because we don't know how to clean polyester and satin blend fabrics. In reality, polyester fabrics are easy to clean once you learn the guidelines. Polyester fabrics are not all the same. Cleaning polyesters used to be simple, but now with the onset of blended polyesters, like polyester satin blend fabrics, care should be made to ensure that no mistakes are made.

  1. Check the care label. Take a good look at the fabric care label when learning how to clean polyester and satin blend fabrics. Care labels are usually sewn in a side seam of a garment or product. They tell you the best methods to use to clean the product. These instructions are usually in the form of pictograms. It's wise to follow them.
  2. Read the fiber content label. If fiber label content says something like, satin blend: 60 percent polyester and 40 percent silk, the care label will most likely read "Dry Clean Only." Do not attempt to wash the item with water since natural fibers shrink and loses its color in water, while polyesters do not. Your satin blend garment will never be the same.
  3. 100 percent polyester fabric. Read the fiber content label. If it says 100 percent polyester, learning how to clean polyester fabric is a walk in the park. Wash in the washing machine on a normal cycle with warm water. Dry in dryer on low and remove from dryer immediately when dry to avoid any wrinkles. If some wrinkles remain, iron with a low heat setting.


  • Never use a hot iron on a polyester and satin blend fabrics. Both polyester and satin blended fabric will melt and adhere to the iron.
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