How To Clean A Polyester Flag

Learning how to clean a polyester flag may sound difficult, but it's not. Most people have polyester flags hanging for patriotic reasons as a symbol of the country or state they live in. Others have flags for decorations to celebrate holidays or as a garden piece. Whatever your flag stands for, it is precious to you and needs to be well kept.

What you need to clean a polyester flag:

  • Laundry detergent
  • Cold water
  • Sink or basin
  • Dry towel
  1. First you need to choose your detergent. Polyester is a nice fabric since it doesn't fade or shrink much when washing. Although the weather can take it's toll on the colors or condition of the polyester, the goal is to keep the flag in the best condition possible. Any laundry detergent free of bleach will do the job.
  2. Fill a sink or basin with cold water. Cold water will ensure the brightest possible colors. Add enough detergent for a small load of laundry to the cold water and submerse your polyester flag into it. Be careful not to squeeze or twist the flag. This could cause it to tear, especially if you've had it for a while.
  3. Let your polyester flag soak. That's right, let the fabric absorb the soap and water. Soaking the flag will help to release the natural elements embedded in the polyester. Do this for about twenty minutes or so.
  4. Wash the flag. Using your hands, gently lift the polyester flag in and out of the water for a few minutes. This method of gentle agitation is the safest way of washing your priceless symbol. You can delicately swish the flag around in the sink, but do not squeeze or twist.
  5. Rinse the flag. Drain the water and soap from the sink or basin. Turn on the cold water and run it over the polyester flag until all soap suds are gone and the water runs clear. With your hands, push the flag flat to the bottom of the sink to help remove soap and water in the meantime.
  6. Dry your flag. Take a dry towel and lay it out flat. Lay your polyester flag on top of the towel. Roll the towel up with the flag on the inside. Without twisting, squeeze the towel with your hands to get most of the moisture out of the polyester.
  7. Hang your polyester flag. Now that the flag is as dry as you can get it, hang it up. Until the flag is completely dry you are going to hang it inside and away from heat. The elements of nature do enough damage to fabric, but they can do even more if your flag is wet. Heat naturally causes shrinking and fading. So wait until the flag is dry, then put it out to show your pride.
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