How To Clean Pool Table Felt

Sometimes that billiards top gets dirty, so it's only prudent to learn how to clean pool table felt. Atop of the wood grain legs is your pool table felt, an area where all of the playtime in pocket billiards happens. Read on to discover how to clean pool table felt with ease so to preserve your playing field for years to come.

You need these items to clean pool table felt:

  • Pool table top
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Pool table felt brush
  • Wood polish
  • Rag
  1. Vacuum your pool table felt. An obstacle towards cleaning your pool table felt could be crumbs, dust and dirt already on the top. Fit the horizontal-shaped nose on your vacuum cleaner to simply go row by row, clearing the pool table felt of any contaminants. Do not attempt to put the device on top of the table.
  2. Clean your pool table felt with your brush. The pool table felt cleaner is specifically designed to sweep away any nasty stuff on your billiards top. You can do this after ever session of play to ensure your felt top stays clean for a long time (also you won't have to worry about dirt building up). A billiards brush can be found online, at general stores or even your local billiards; they're also very cheap.
  3. Polish the sides. The top and side wood grain areas also need attention. Grab some standard wood polish and a rag (old T-shirt, perhaps) and polish the sides of your pool table. It's not the felt, but a clean table won't transfer dirt to other areas at a later date.
  4. Clean spills quickly. Absorb any spills immediately by setting an absorbing cloth atop of the stain. Once that's done, take a dry paper towel and blot the spill to absorb more liquid. Pour warm water on the spill and then blot the rest of the liquid immediately. If done correctly, you won't rub the pool table felt.

Your pool table felt is a piece of cloth that encompasses the top of a billiard, keeping the playing field clear of disturbances. You should clean pool table felt often and try to ensure that things won't build up dirt over time.

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