How To Clean PS3 Laser Lens

If you're looking for a procedure on how to clean a PS3 laser lens you may not need to look any further than a vacuum or simply taking better care of your discs.  Keep in mind that cleaning the actual laser lens is highly discouraged by Sony.

To clean a PS3 laser lens you will need:

  • A vacuum with a hose attachment
  • Micro fiber cloth
  • Isopropyl cleaning solution
  1. The first step for trying to clean a PS3 laser lens is to remove any dust buildup within the unit.  This can be done by using a vacuum with the hose attachment connected.  Run the attachment across the ventilation grates.  Be sure to always unplug the PlayStation prior to cleaning the grates.  Sony recommends doing this on a regular basis to avoid dust build up in the console.
  2. The other option when trying to clean a PS3 laser lens is to clean your game discs.  Oftentimes, when it seems as though it is necessary to clean a PS3 laser lens, it's the discs that need to be cleaned.  To do this, use the isopropyl cleaning solution on the disc and wipe in a radial motion from the center of the disc outwards.
  3. If there are still issues with the PlayStation, contact PlayStation's customer support.  Doing anything further can void the warranty on your console.  Using a disc cleaner to clean a PS3 laser lens is not recommended my Sony as it can damage the console.  Some people will recommend using canned air to clean a PS3 laser lens.  This can allow moisture to find its way into the console, causing damage.

When trying to find a way to clean a PS3 laser lens, only perform Sony approved methods such as using a vacuum on the ventilation grates or thoroughly cleaning the game discs.  If this still does not fix the issue, contact Sony customer service.  Any further methods may cause damage and also void the warranty on the PlayStation.

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