How To Clean Puck Marks Off Goalie Equipment

To keep your equipment looking new between hockey games, learning how to clean puck marks off goalie equipment is a very useful skill.  It's inevitable that hockey goaltender equipment will be susceptible to puck marks, especially as goaltenders face sometimes in upwards of 50 shots per game.  While many like to leave the marks as is, to show their war trophies, others like the fresh and clean look.  Cleaning puck marks off goalie equipment is not difficult, but can take a bit of time and elbow grease.  

To clean puck marks off goalie equipment, you will need:
  • Your goalie equipment, such as goalie pads and gloves
  • Water
  • Melamine foam dirt-erasing scrubber
  • Goo-removing cleaning solution
  • Towel or washcloth
  • Sponge
  • Mild dish soap
Process to clean puck marks off goalie equipment:
  1. Wet the dirt-erasing scrubber completely with water.  Squeeze to remove excess water.  
  2. Gently rub the dirt-erasing scrubber on the puck marks on your goalie equipment.  Be careful to not scrub too hard as the melamine foam can be abrasive if too much pressure is applied.  Repeat the process for other puck marks.
  3. If the dirt-erasing scrubber does not work well on your particular goalie equipment, try the goo-removing cleaning solution.  Place a small amount of the goo-removing cleaning solution on the towel or washcloth.  Gently use the towel and cleaning solution to remove any remaining puck marks.
  4. Wet the sponge, squeezing to remove excess water, and apply a small amount of dish soap.  Use the non-scrubber side of the sponge to wipe down the rest of the equipment.  Continue cleaning until your goalie equipment reaches your satisfied condition of clean, then allow to dry.
Tips for cleaning puck marks off goalie equipment:
  • Test each method in a small rarely seen portion of your equipment as surfaces and materials may react differently and possibly unfavorably to certain cleaning methods.
  • When cleaning, be sure to only rub gently as to not scratch the goalie equipment surface.  
  • According to manufacturer's suggestions, resist the urge to launder goalie equipment in a washing machine with bleach.  When needed, spot clean your equipment with a wet rag then hang to dry.
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