How To Clean Quartz Sinks

If you own a quartz sink, learn how to clean your quartz sink to keep it looking great! Quartz is a natural material and is heat resistant, stain resistant, scratch resistant, burn resistant and non-porous. These are all great qualities for a kitchen sink. Follow these tips to clean your quartz sink:

  1. Common household cleaners can be used to clean your quartz sink. Products such as 409, Fantastic, Lysol, and even Windex can be used on your quartz sink. You can also use soap and water, however, it will not disinfect. Rinse your sink of any food or debris and use one of the products above.
  2. Use a soft sponge to clean the sink. Avoid using abrasive materials to clean your sink. Although quartz is scratch resistant, it is not scratch "proof".
  3. Remove soap with water. Make sure to use plenty of water to wash away all of the soap in your sink. If all of the soap is not removed, there will be streaks in your sink.
  4. Stains can be removed with a common household cleaner. Use one of the house hold cleaners mentioned above to remove tough stains. Spray the stain and allow it to sit for a few minutes, then use the sponge and wash away the cleaner.
  5. Use a soft cloth to dry your sink. A soft cloth or paper towel can be used to dry your quartz sink.

Do not allow harsh chemicals to sit in your quartz sink. Be sure to wash any chemicals away with with a large amount of water.

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