How To Clean Salt Off Boots

Need to know how to clean salt off boots? When you have salt stains on your boots and you need to clean them, you have a couple of options. Most boots are made out of leather or suede, materials which require an extra level of care. Whichever material your boots are made of you can easily clean the salt off them from home.

What you need to clean the salt off your boots:

  • Toothbrush
  • Clean rags
  • White vinegar
  • Dish soap
  • Shoe brush
  1. Let's start with leather boots. Salt stains on leather boots can easily be cleaned by first brushing most of the salt off with a toothbrush. Get a clean and dry toothbrush. Gently brush off as much salt as you can. If you still have a white mark where the salt was, proceed to the next step.
  2. Get a clean rag and some white vinegar. Take the clean rag in your hand and put a little bit of white vinegar on it. Blot the area of your boot where the salt mark is. Make sure not to use too much vinegar or you may leave a discolored spot on your boots. You should only need to blot the salty area a few times.
  3. Wet another clean rag with water. Ring out all excess water so that the rag is damp. Using your fingers and the damp rag, blot the salt stained area to remove the vinegar from the leather. You should only need to blot a few times.
  4. Dry the salt spot. Now that you have removed the salt from your boots, dry the wet spot. Take a clean dry rag and blot the water spot until the stained area on your boots is now dry. Make sure to dry completely so you don't have a water spot.
  5. Suede boots are a bit different. For suede boots you can clean salt off by using a mild dish soap after you brush the excess salt off with a toothbrush. Use only a drop of soap on a clean damp rag. Blot the salty spot with your damp rag a few times to remove the white residue.
  6. Get a clean rag. Dampen a clean rag. Using the rag and your fingers, blot the soap out of the suede boots. Make sure to get all of the soap out of the fabric to avoid any discoloration.
  7. Dry the salty spot. Grab another clean and dry rag to dry your boots. Blot the wet spot of your boots until the area is completely dry. Be careful not to wipe suede. Wiping away the salt will get rid of the salt, but it will also ruin the nap in the suede. Once your suede boots are dry, brush the area to bring back the nap.
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