How To Clean The Sensors Of A Nikon D3 Camera

Here are instructions for how to clean the sensors of a Nikon D3 camera. Many Nikon cameras have built in cleaning devices called, “ sensor shakes”. Even with these advancements its advisable to clean the sensors of a Nikon D3 camera or any camera for that matter by hand. You Can choose to take your camera to the store to clean it for a price, or you can opt to do it yourself at home. Cleaning the sensors of a Nikon D3 camera can be fairly easy if you follow these steps.

Here are some things you will need to clean the sensors of a Nikon D3 camera:
  • Blower bulb
  • Nikon D3 camera
  • Sensor cleaning Solution
  1. “Sensor Shake”.  The “sensor shake” is a built in cleaner that can be used to clean the larger particles. Use this before you apply the sensor cleaning solution. To do this go to menu then click on Setup. Click on where is says clean image sensor, then click enter.
  2. Lock Mirror for cleaning. To lock the mirror for cleaning make sure that the battery is fully charged then go to the setup menu and press lockup mirror for cleaning. After this is done be sure to turn the camera off.
  3. Use the blower bulb. Use the blower bulb to blow off any dust that may still be there. Before doing this make sure to take off the body cap.
  4. Sensor Cleaning Solution. Use two drops of this on a swab, and use two or three hand motions to clean the sensor. You can use a magnifying glass to make sure that all the particles are gone, but just in case use the blower bulb one last time, then unlock the mirror.
Now that the sensors of the Nikon D3 camera are cleaned you can put the camera to use. Being able to clean the sensors of a Nikon D3 camera yourself outweighs the benefits of taking it to the store. The next time that the sensors of your Nikon D3 camera become dusty, all you have to do is follow these directions to clean the sensors of a Nikon D3 Camera.
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