How To Clean Silver Coins

Need to know how to clean silver coins? If you have silver coins, such as junk silver, then it is a necessity that you clean them because usually these coins are in terrible cosmetic condition. Cleaning silver is also important to the numismatic collector who can benefit from having a prettier piece in his collection. Below we will explain the different ways you, the silver holder, can easily and efficiently achieve the goal of cleaning your silver coins.

  1. Lemon does the trick You can clean your silver coins by soaking them in a lemon acid bath overnight. In the morning, make sure to add a few pieces of iron fragments to improve the reaction and speed up the process of cleaning the coins. Do not leave the iron fragments in the solution for more than 20 to 30 minutes.
  2. Vinegar treatment You can also clean silver coins with a strong acid base like vinegar. Place about a teaspoon of vinegar on a soft cloth and rub it gently but thoroughly upon the coin.  After a few minutes of doing this, you should see a change in the condition of the coin.
  3. Baking soda is safe and effective Clean your coins with baking soda. It's not just that easy, but with a few other steps it can be done. You'll obviously need baking soda, an aluminum dish, a spoon and a pot to boil hot water. First, take your silver coins and place them into the aluminum dish. Next, take the carton of baking soda and pour about two teaspoons of it onto the each coin. Make sure that it covers each coin and gently rub it into the coin itself. After you have boiled the water, pour it into the dish. Now gently use the spoon to stir inside the dish as well as the coins. Your silver coins will be cleaner after a few minutes of this. If you still don’t seem to be getting the desired result, then repeat the process.


Cleaning silver coins

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