How To Clean Sisal Rugs

The answer to how to clean sisal rugs depends on the type of rug you have. Sisal rugs are available in synthetic and natural fibers. Each fiber requires a different cleaning procedure to prevent damage and prolong durability. 

Things needed to clean sisal rugs:

  • White rag
  • Manufacturer's recommended cleaning solution
  • Plastic spatula
  • Vacuum cleaner
  1. Have your rug professionally cleaned if you need to clean the entire rug. Saturating either a synthetic or natural fiber sisal rug could cause it to shrink considerably and distort its dimensions.   
  2. Mist the affected area. If possible, use the manufacturer's recommended cleaning product. Avoid saturating the affected area with the cleaning solution.
  3. Clean the affected area. Use a clean, white rag to avoid getting dye from the rag on the carpet. Blot the spot with the rag. If the spot does not disappear, continue blotting the spot with different areas of the rag until the spot disappears.  
  4. Keep your sisal rug dust-free. Regardless of whether your rug is natural or synthetic, regular vacuuming can prolong its life. If you happen to get dirt or mud on the rug, wait until it dries. Then use a plastic spatula or another blunt object to remove the dirt.    
Although you generally cannot wash or submerge the entire sisal rug in water, you can spot-clean the rug. Whenever possible, remember to use the manufacturer’s recommended cleaning product and never saturate the rug with the cleaning solution. Moreover, keep in mind that you can have the fabric protectant reapplied to reduce cleaning sessions and extend the rug's life. 



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