How To Clean Ski Gloves

Need to know how to clean ski gloves? When you are out on the slopes, a pair of warm ski gloves that fit well and feature good mobility are vital to your success on the slopes.  Often finding the perfect ski gloves takes forever, so when you find a great pair you definitely want to take care of them.  To avoid stains, and keep them in good condition, wash the ski gloves as often as possible.  If you take care when cleaning your ski gloves, you will have them for years to come.  When you are not on the slopes, here are a few tips on how to effectively clean your ski gloves. 

  1. Check the label.  Depending on the fabric the care for ski gloves will vary.  Read the label inside and when applicable clean the ski gloves according to the manufacturer's recommendation.  Look for any leather details.  Often gloves with leather patches require special care.  Always follow the care instructions for your specific gloves.
  2. Wash the gloves.  If your gloves have a liner you can pull it out and wash it separately.  Put a mild detergent in your washing machine and wash the gloves on the gentle cycle.  A rigorous cycle may cause the gloves to rip, so always wash them with the machine set to a gentle cycle when cleaning them. 
  3. Dry.  Squeeze out any excess water from the entire length of the glove.  Allow the gloves to air dry.  Never put them in a clothes dryer or you may damage the gloves.  



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