How To Clean Ski Goggle Lenses

Do you want to know how to clean ski goggle lenses? There´s a big difference in comfort and visual quality between a dirty and a clean goggle lens. Even the best goggles get dirty with your own skin oils and dust, so cleaning them is really important. But in the process, if you use improper cloth or products with alcohol or solvents you can damage the lens and jeopardize your goggles.

What you need to clean ski goggle lenses:

  • Streak-free cloth.
  • Lens cleaning spray.

Steps to clean ski goggle lenses:

  1. Apply lens cleaning spray to the outside of the goggle lens.
  2. Use the streak-free cloth to wipe the lens. Use long horizontal movements and go around the sides of the lens. Dust tends to gather in the angle between the lens and the goggle frame. Try to collect every particle present in the lens.
  3. Shake the dust and particles off the cloth before continuing with the inside of the goggle lens.
  4. Apply lens cleaning spray to the inside of the goggle lens.
  5. Use the cloth to clean the lens. Make sure you don´t touch the side of the lens that you´ve already cleaned. A good practice is grabbing the goggles by the upper and lower side of the frame.
  6. Place the goggles inside the bag.

To preserve the goggle lenses, clean them before storing. Most goggle manufacturers offer cleaning kits, that will be your best choice for maintaining them. Also, in case you find scratches on your lenses, if you´ve always used manufacturer´s cleaning kits you can claim a material failure and get a replacement.

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