How To Clean Skimboard

When the season is over or if you got a damn job, you should know how to clean your skimboard.  Leaving it filthy, coated in wax and rough with emergency patch jobs will make it less appealing the next time you catch a break and go skimboarding.  Plus leaving the old wax on does not help anything.  The traction fades away and piling more wax on top of it next season will be less effective.  Now is a great time to clean off the funk and restore your skimboard to its pristine state.

To clean a skimboard, you will need:

  • Sun
  • Sand
  • Wax comb or old credit card
  • Rags
  • Denatured alcohol
  • Rubber gloves
  • Acetone or Goof Off
  • Board bag or board sock
  1. Waxing off.  To clean your skimboard of old wax, leave it in the sun.  The sun will heat up the wax making it easy to rub off with a little fine sand.  While it is still warm, use a rag to wipe off the residue.  If this is a used skimboard or you just have a ridiculous amount of wax layers, you may have to use the beveled edge of a wax comb (the side used for scraping) or an old credit card to scrape away the hunks.
  2. Muck off.  To clean your skimboard of those weird brown stains, dirt and general sticky filth, use some denatured alcohol.  Dip your rag and polish away the weird stains.  Work quickly because alcohol evaporates quickly.  
  3. Glue off.  When the waves are firing and your nights are spent in a drunken monkey state, proper skimboard care is often neglected.  Using superglue is the most common method for emergency ding repair and it works great in a pinch.  But if the season is over and you are reasonably sober, then maybe it is time to actually fix your skimboard.  To clean your skimboard of glue patches you can use either acetone or a product called Goof Off.  Use rubber gloves and dip a rag in Goof Off or acetone to clean off the glue patches.  Both products will dissolve it.    
  4. Sun off.  To keep your skimboard clean in storage, you should store it in a board bag or board sock.  Rest your skimboard belly down in a spot that does not get any direct sunlight or heat.       
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